Friday: the leftovers

Friday, Friday! You have arrived and you actually feel like a Friday now that I am back in school and done with the weekend job.

This week was a whirlwind, but a fun one! I feel really good going into the semester. There’s been a few moments of “how in the heck am I going to get everything done?”, but I am choosing to not stress. 

I’m thinking I am going to deem Fridays as “leftover” day AKA sharing all the things from the week I haven’t shared yet.

We had some great meals with week-

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Salmon cakes with grits was one of the meals my mom had in rotation growing up. This was pretty much always served with sliced tomatoes. Inspired by a childhood favorite, I mixed canned salmon with egg whites and crushed whole grain crackers to make these patties. I skipped the messy step of making patties with my hands and cooked these pancake style. Much easier and much crispier! Grits are definitely a southern thing and I really enjoy them with seafood.


I must be missing my mom, because another staple growing up was pork chops. This was my absolute least favorite meal my mom cooked. The pork chops were super dry and had to be drowned in barbecue sauce. When we were given pork chops from a family friend who operates a small farm, I was hesitant to cook them, but also excited to utilize locally sourced meat. This was my first time eating pork in many years, but I am happy to report these chops were not dry, but rather yummy. Though I can’t take the credit, the crockpot did all the work.

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Last night we had a delicious meal at Newk’s Eatery. Terry was raving about their tomato bisque, so I decided to try it alongside the vegetarian club. It was rather delicious, though perhaps a little too creamy and not tomato-y enough. The vegetarian club (grilled veggies + goat cheese + basil pesto) was on point like always.

I found a handful of great articles to share: (I’d love to hear your thoughts on these!)

NEWS: Natalie Grant on the cover of First Magazine via Gospel Music / This article really resonated with me and I totally encourage you to read it!

5 money saving tips for living on one income via Hungry For Balance / While we technically live on two incomes, a lot of my income goes to paying tuition. Heather offers some great tips- I already utilize a few of them, but definitely have plenty room for improvement.

Eating Meatless in a Meat-Eating Home via Jack’s Balancing Act / While our house isn’t meat-free, we certainly have plenty meatless meals. Jacklyn offers some inspiration for eating less meat in a meat eating society.

Remembering Delmonico’s via New York Eater / I read this article to supplement the readings for my Food Service class and found it very interesting. The food industry has such a rich history.

Stop Calorie Counting and Starting Promoting Nutritional Value of Food for Heart Health via MNT / Drop your 100-calorie cookie pack and grab a handful of nuts!

And that’s all I got! I hope you guys have a great relaxing weekend. Hug the ones you love ❤

Do you ever re-make a meal your mom/dad made for you as a child?

Grits- yay or nay?

8 thoughts on “Friday: the leftovers

  1. I am glad you have your weekends back! Having the weekend to “reset” always helps me stress less.
    Pesto and goat cheese are always a winning combination! Actually, I think you could put goat cheese on just about anything and I would eat it 😉
    I don’t think to recreate meals from my childhood often. My family was big on the meat and lite on the veggies. My mom did make a good meat loaf though!
    I love the post about eating meatless in a meat-eating home. She has some great tips!
    Thank you for including my post!!
    I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Aw thanks for mentioning my post!! Coincidentally, tonight I requested pasta in tomato juice which is a meal that I find myself craving from time to time and probably mostly because it really reminds me of my grandma. Hope you have a great weekend 🙂

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