First week back at it!

My 1st week back at school is coming to an end. I feel pretty great about my course load this semester.  I am taking Food Service & Management, Mineral Metabolism, Community Nutrition, and Medical Nutrition Therapy. I also have an internship I’m continuing with the RD at a local assisted living facility on Fridays.

It’s going to be a busy one, but I feel excited about my schedule. It makes for coming home late most nights, but I believe we will get into a rhythm soon enough. I’ve been sorting through everything the last couple of days, so this post is going to be a stream of random thoughts! I have a feeling many posts in the future will be this way….

Anyways, I am currently sitting here in a little pain, because I scarfed down way too much watermelon. I know watermelon makes me feel BLEH (high FODMAP- especially at the rate I consumed it), but it is my favorite and I just HAD to have one more before the summer came to a close. Sorry body, you’re welcome tastebuds.

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This morning I visited my favorite local coffee shop, Nova’s Bakery, and treated myself to a delicious almond milk latte to go with my overnight oats. I felt like after getting out of bed to make it to a 6:45 am boot camp group fitness class, I should reward myself with a $5 coffee drink. How the heck some of you get up for classes before 6 am, I don’t even want to know. The class was INSANE and I made the stupid mistake of not eating beforehand. I did the same thing before my first cycling class and I never went back. I will be smarter next week…. I’m coming for your fast-acting carbs!


Alright… y’all tell me exactly how unacceptable this is. My sister would cry if she knew I was wearing open-toed shoes without any toenail polish on. (It’s okay Leigh, I painted my toes this evening).

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One of my goals this semester is to drink more plain water. I am carrying around this 32 oz bottle and as long as it is cold, it is goes down pretty easily. The goal is two per day plus what I normally drink w/ meals and stuff. Now if only this bottle were spill proof, we’d be golden.


The following text made my heart quite happy. These things go a long way, fellas.


This past week I got a new pair of glasses. Have you guys ever heard of You can get lenses and frames for 39 bucks! I think it is such a steal.

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And that’s all the randomness I got for you today. Until next time. 😀

I’m linking up with the fabulous Amanda for TOL.

How do you ensure you get enough water in?

What’s your favorite pre-early morning workout food?

14 thoughts on “First week back at it!

  1. I’m glad that your first week back has been good. I loved grad school, well actually I loved school in general, you know, except for the super stressful parts 😉
    I am sorry about the watermelon, and I can totally relate! I usually end up with a melon baby at least once a week.
    Props to you for going to an early morning boot-camp class! Early fitness classes are tough; I always have to get up early enough to drink at least one cup of coffee. And I always have eat something before I work out. I feel like I have no energy otherwise.
    And lastly, those glasses are adorable!!! I am checking out that site, like now!

  2. Oh girl, can I ever relate to the watermelon pain. It’s pretty much my favourite fruit as well, and I literally have NO control when I’m around it. I can easily polish off half of a huge melon without even blinking an eye… and then spend the next hour or so with a huge melon belly 😆 Totally worth it.

  3. I started carrying around a Nalgene to fill up a few times a day… I need to consciously force myself to drink more water or else I’ll go most the morning without anything and before I know it it’s lunch time!

  4. I think I could eat an entire bucket of watermelon if it was nice and cold. You’re the second blogger today that’s mentioned the fruit, so I’m getting a major craving! I think I’ll need to pick up one next time I’m at the store :). And laughing at your convo with Terry! That’s exactly how my boyfriend and I talk to each other as well ;).

  5. Yay! Welcome back to class. I don’t know if this counts but I typically carry around a nalgene and one packet of crystal light and make sure to fill up the nalgene at least 2x during the day and only use one packet. I know it’s not good for me, but i’m working on it – plus it’s super diluted because one crystal light is supposed to be one 16-20oz water bottle, not two 32 oz 🙂

  6. I’ve noticed the only way I religiously drink water [which is funny, because all of drank my whole life is water! I always hated sodas, coffees, etc.!] is in cool and silly water bottles! Is that weird? Give me a 32 oz mug that says a silly saying and it’s gone within seconds, but a 16 oz bottle takes forever! Haha. P.S. Loveeee your glasses!

  7. I’ve just started using a water tracking app & discovered that I’m not drinking enough, which was surprising as I used to drink far too much (for mainly ED reasons), so good confirmation that is no longer an influence but not good as drinking enough is such an easy way to be more healthy that really there is no excuse not to!!!
    I’m also with you on the melon, had such bad stomach ache last week, but it tastes so good!

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