What My Husband Ate Wednesday

Happy hump day everyone!

In contrast to yesterday’s more serious post, today I bring to you a guest post by my husband, Terry. I asked him to complete a WIAW one day for me to share. One of the things I adore about him is his sense of humor and how he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

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Before I let him take over, I’d like to mention how much our eating habits have rubbed off on each other. Whereas our eating habits used to be completely different, we’ve adjusted a bit since our early days. Now, he will order a vegetable as his side at dinner and I suggest pizza for dinner quite frequently. I am glad I have him to balance me out.


I am currently in the “my wife is back in school and going to bed at 10pm” mode and I am not a fan. I get a rush of energy beginning around 8pm and I usually don’t come down from that high until about 10:30-11pm.
Mine and Kate’s diets are on two opposite ends of the spectrum. She is much more conscious about ingredients and healthiness of food, while I just love food in general.

For awhile, Kat has suggested that one week I blog about what I ate in an entire day. Considering how different we are, I believe this will be quite a change of pace from her normal WIAW. Also, this blog is slightly a lie. I actually ate these meals on Monday!


For breakfast I had a very sweet and jolting cup of coffee, a banana, and water. That’s it. Usually I don’t feel too well when I first wake up so although I’m hungry, I can’t stuff down a big meal or even a substantial one. So, I usually settle for the bowl of cereal, a banana, or just rely on coffee until mid-morning. Today I felt extra motivated to get “to work” early. (Side note: Up until last week, I have worked out of a home office for three plus years. So now I am actually leaving the house to work!) Even that extra motivation kept me from eating a big breakfast.
aug 25 2
Ok, usually I’ll eat some leftovers from the night before for lunch. This day I had lunch with my friend Chris at Sam’s club. I ate a very large slice of supreme pizza, and my favorite, a Nathan’s hot dog, with a root beer. What’s really funny about this is that Kate and I ate lunch at Sam’s on Sunday afternoon, and I ordered the same thing. I would say this was rather satisfying, even if it had no redeemable qualities.

aug 25 3

Here’s where our diets collide. Kate is a mad scientist in the kitchen. In fact, our first night home from our honeymoon she whipped up a great meal with just a few random cans of whatever they were! I always enjoy when she cooks, mainly because the food is always good, but also I know how much she loves to cook and out meals together.

Kate edit: Dinner was slow cooker pork chops over brown rice with roasted vegetables. He took the picture, but left out what it was.
aug25 1After dinner, we went for a walk with Jules, and then came home to our usual routine of half-watching Netflix while occupying our minds with some other activity. For me, that activity was reading Tweets about Monday Night Raw for literally, say it again Chris Traeger style, literally hours. I am a pro wrestling fan and since we do not have cable (I do realize we are better humans for this), I spend a lot of time keeping up with it online. Whilst doing this, I had a very usual pre-bedtime snack of milk and cookies. Yes, I really am an adult child.


He did a pretty good job didn’t he? As a side note, the pork chops were given to us by a family friend who operates a (very) small farm. This was my first time cooking pork (and eating it in 7+ years), but I felt good knowing where it came from.

Is your significant other’s eating habit different from yours?

Anybody else love Sam’s Club pizza? (I’m secretly jealous he went without me 😛). We went Sunday for lunch, did you not read my comment about that? Did you forget?? I paid, remember!?

Anybody else a wrestling fan? Did you see the Dudley Boyz returned Monday night?!? How awesome was that!? What are your thoughts on when Daniel Bryan will return to the ring? 

22 thoughts on “What My Husband Ate Wednesday

  1. What a great idea for a post! John and I have somewhat different eating habits; he eats more carbs like bread, tortilla chips, etc. and I always have double the veggies. I don’t know anything about pro Wrestling, but John loves football and I don’t know anything about that either 😉

  2. I love this take on WIAW. I have to admit, your husband did an awesome job taking photos of his meals. Heck – they look better than mine. Can I get a slice of that pizza?

  3. Both my boyfriend and I are pretty healthy and very conscious of what we are putting into our bodies, but I would say I eat more in the mornings with more snacks, where he eats more in the afternoon/evenings with less snacks. Love your husbands post… I wonder if my boyfriend would ever do one…

  4. I like this post. Cool of your hubby to do it (and he did it well – not an overkill of information, but enough to keep it interesting). I like seeing the husband/wife opposites. I can relate! 🙂

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