Time off in Toledo, Ohio

This past Thursday Terry and I left to spend a few days in Toledo, Ohio with our close friends, Shane and Hannah.

This vacation was monumental for Terry, because being a youth pastor can sometimes feel like a 24/7 job that weighs on him emotionally and physically. While he absolutely loves his job and wouldn’t want to do anything else, getting away every so often is essential to remaining sane. I certainly loved the opportunity to spend some time with him outside of the house and away from all of its distractions. The break from work was awesome too! (Get ready for a lot of photos!)

The trip was filled with fun outings and plenty of time for relaxing too. A huge thank you to our friends for having us stay and being amazing hosts!

Thursday we left bright and early for the ~10 hour drive. I spent the car time reading The Tyrant’s Daughter, reviewing vitamins in my nutrition textbook, working on a blog post, and talking/singing with T.

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While stopping through West Virginia, I met a bear.unnamed (72)

Having a goofy husband makes long drives so much more fun!

unnamed (12)

When we arrived we were treated to a delicious cookout- steak, grilled chicken, grilled corn, baked potatoes, and mac n’ cheese. They knew I was on the low-FODMAP diet, so they even bought gluten free mac n’ cheese. Steak for T, chicken for me!

unnamed (54) unnamed (59)

Summer corn is so delicious- I’d say it stole the show.

unnamed (58)

unnamed (56)

There were pets to greet us too.

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We hung out by the fire and caught up until bed time. Shane is a youth pastor like T, so it is especially great having friends in ministry to chat with.

unnamed (70)

Friday morning Hannah had to work, so I opted to give the guys some time to their selves. I settled into Biggby’s to enjoy an amazing soy latte and work on the blog. Having time to just sit in a coffee shop and write without distraction was incredible. I will have to carve time out for doing it more when I get home. I left feeling so energized. Too bad we don’t have a Biggby’s- I had 3 of the soy lattes while there!

unnamed (60)

unnamed (61)

We got lunch at Chick-fil-a where Hannah works. Can’t beat a salad with blueberries on it!

unnamed (62)

We spent some time outside and were given a tour around town. A light sweater was just right for the cooler weather.

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After a tour around Toledo’s downtown area and one of it’s more popular parks (I can’t remember the name of it), we headed to the church for a “nerf war” with the youth group. This was actually really fun- definitely made me feel like a kid again. The youth group really enjoyed it too.

unnamed (68) Later that night we enjoyed grapes and smoked Monterrey jack while hanging out by the fire. Hannah knows the way to my heart- fruit and cheese!

unnamed (69)

Saturday morning I went for a quick run around the neighborhood. I love how flat the roads are in Ohio! They made for a quite enjoyable run. The weather was just right too.

unnamed (63)

We went to breakfast at new-to-me place, Scambler Marie’s. I think I drank 100 cups of coffee because it was so good! I ordered the Lean & Green omelette with potato chunks and fruit.

unnamed (37)

The food was wonderfully seasoned and the staff was professional. If only it wasn’t 10 hours away, I’d visit more often. Of course, the company was the most special part.

unnamed (49)

Even had to bring some coffee home with me…

unnamed (39)

I really wanted to see one of the Great Lakes while up there, so they took us to Maumee Bay, a Lake Erie beach. It was just like being at the ocean! It was far too cold to swim for me, but we had fun throwing the football, chatting, picnic-ing, walking around, and dozing off in the grass.

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unnamed (35)

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unnamed (92)

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We took it easy Saturday night by having a movie night. Shane grilled up some burgers for us. I enjoyed mine as a salad- so good!

unnamed (89)

Since I was in Ohio, I felt like it was necessary for me to make some buckeyes. (I used this incredibly easy recipe.) Well, it wasn’t really that easy. The dipping part was not a breeze for me- I found my culinary weakness. Though not the most perfecting looking, we very much enjoyed them with some popcorn- the perfect sweet & salty movie snack!

unnamed (90)

I also dipped some banana slices in the left over melted chocolate.unnamed (91)

If you haven’t before, I highly recommend you watch American Sniper. It was seriously so good and thought-provoking.

Sunday morning we headed to church (but not before stopping at Biggby for another soy latte). I love my church, but it was very nice to worship with a different group of people. Shane leads the worship in addition to leading the youth. Terry helped Shane with the worship and really enjoyed it!

unnamed (34)

After a lunch at Jimmy John’s, we visited Hoen’s Greenhouse, a business run by one of the family’s in their church. The place was beautiful and the hard work that went into creating it was evident. Ian, the son of the owners, gave us a little tour around the place.

unnamed (20)

unnamed (21)

unnamed (22)

He let me try the stevia plant (extremely sweet, but also a little bitter) and the sorrel plant that was sour, but delicious in my opinion.


We came home and relaxed before heading to the main event, a Mudhen’s game. Shane and Hannah were awesome about trying to give us the full Toledo experience, so this was the icing on the cake.

We found Toledo shirts at a local thrift store so we could show some team spirit. I think the shirt I found was a real score for $5.00! I ❤ v-necks.

unnamed (25)

unnamed (74)

Ball park food was eaten.

unnamed (40)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

unnamed (43)

The Mud Hen’s didn’t do too well… but we had a blast!

unnamed (44)

unnamed (23)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

The rain came so we had to run back to our cars!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetAfter the game we kept it easy with more hanging and relaxing, since the next morning we had to leave early. After 12-hours in the car (lots of stops), we made it home last night.

I am feeling refreshed and ready to take on the upcoming school year. I definitely did not strictly follow the low-FODMAP diet, so my stomach is a little out of wack. However, I think not worrying too much about it was essential to a relaxing vacation. Back to business now and I’m feeling good about it!

What’s the most important aspect of a vacation to you? The food? People? Destination? Time to relax? Lots of activities? 

13 thoughts on “Time off in Toledo, Ohio

  1. I love all the pictures! You guys are the cutest couple! I’m glad you had such a fun and relaxing vacation; those are the best. Your friends sound like awesome hosts; they really did make sure you got the whole Toledo experience. That’s the best part about visiting new places.
    I hope you have a great rest of your day!

  2. Whoops, sent my comment way early! I meant to say that I love buckeyes, but the dipping part is always so tricky. We make them every year around Christmas and I feel like they get slightlyyyy prettier every time 🙂

    And how cool that you got to try an actual Stevia plant?! Really sweet but bitter is kind of how I’d envision it!

    For me, I think the most important parts of vacation are the people, and then the food 🙂 Good food makes every situation better, and people can definitely make or break a trip!

    1. Yes, I imagine practice makes perfect for perfect dipping! 😉
      The stevia plant was really neat. If I could somehow learn how to use a stevia plant, I’d save a lot of money!

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