Five Things Friday IV

Happy Friday everyone! Aren’t we glad to be here?

This week was spent looking forward to the weekend. Terry and I are finally getting sometime together away from work. I couldn’t ask for more! I am going to share a little bit about my past week (thanks for the link-up!), but I have a feeling this weekend will bring even more to tell about it! 😀

Five Things I Ate
1. Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Chia Seed Pudding or “sewer sludge” as my husband prefers. This was pretty good, but it didn’t gel quite like I prefer. I either used too much milk or underestimated the importance of the little bit of maple syrup I left out.

unnamed (10)
2. Paleo Banana Bread Mug Cake. This was a great evening snack, but it sort of tasted like sweet eggs and less like cake. I will say that I think coconut flour works best for mug cakes to provide a light, fluffy product. Plus,points for cuteness!

unnamed (14)
3. Slightly burnt stove top popcorn that was popped in coconut oil. I am always nervous about making popcorn on the stove top, because once I set my alarm off and the fire department came to my house. Oops. (Sorry, Dad). I made sure to watch it without distraction this time around.

unnamed (15)
4. Picnic foods for the road trip. There’s turkey and cheese hiding under the veggies.

unnamed (16)
5. Crockpot chicken and rice over spinach. I will share this recipe on Monday!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Five Workouts
I don’t even know if I can name five… this week was a little weird with work/travel plans. While I managed to stay active most days, work outs were rather unstructured.
Sunday: Sweaty walk at the river walk with my friend
Monday: I did a few sets of lunges in my living room (enough to ensure I felt it the next day)
Tuesday: Run/walk through my parent’s neighborhood. That was a flashback to high school days!
Wednesday: 10 minutes on the stair climber + lower body workouts. My squats felt great!
Friday: I’m planning on a long tourist walk!

Five Things Making Me Happy
1. A new season of America’s Next Top Model… I know, I know- I am a little old for it and I know, it’s pretty gimick-y. Still, it’s my guilty pleasure. So far I like Ava and Nyle the best.
2. Getting away with my husband. I look forward to sharing more about our time away next week!

unnamed (12)
3. Having a few more weeks of summer to squeeze out before returning to school. In no way did I come close to completing my summer bucket list, but I always treasure my summers!
4. Thinking about getting back into a regular yoga practice. I miss it so, but I think I need to be in a classroom to reignite my passion. I am excited to see my gym’s fall class schedule.
5. This is more like “what’s making me laugh.” Seriously- look how hilarious this face swap is!

unnamed (11)

Links that made me laugh (only two links today, not much time for reading this week unfortunately)
27 Pictures Guaranteed to Make You Laugh Every Time via BuzzFeed (I die! The face swap one set me off.)

29 Of the Most Ridiculous Moments In America’s Next Top Model History via Buzzfeed (In honor of the new cycle)

That’s it for today. I hope your weekend is every bit of what you need.

What’s a link you liked this week? 

Do you have any “guilty pleasure” TV shows?

15 thoughts on “Five Things Friday IV

  1. I hope you having an amazing time with your hubby! I don’t really have any guilty pleasure TV shows, but we are watching Girls on Amazon Prime. It is really good!

  2. I have a confession. I watch Dance Moms. /hangs head in shame. I’m also watching True Detective and it is fantastic!
    I’m excited for you to explore your yoga practice options! I’ve had a long time home practice and while it’s beneficial, there is nothing better than a perfect yoga class. Especially when you are clicking with the music and instructor. It’s the best!

    1. What is with those unrealistic reality shows! So intriguing.
      I miss yoga, but I think I got burnt out with the videos I was using and haven’t felt very motivated to do it. Thanks the reminder that it is worth it!

  3. I love making popcorn on the stove top, but I’ve never tried cooking it in coconut oil before. I usually use olive oil. I’ll have to try it in coconut oil soon.

    P.S. – I just found your blog today and I love the name of your blog!

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