Currently: August 2015

August: we got the back to school blues and the cooler air sweeping in. I will miss July (probably my favorite month of the year), but August has it’s own cool things to bring. Here’s a look into what’s currently going on.

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Current Book: “Silent God”. This book is incredibly necessary for me right now. Lately I have been praying to hear God’s still small voice in a mighty way. I’ve been feeling rather spiritually drained, but this book is getting me back on the right train of though.

Current Music: All Sons and Daughter’s Pandora station. So uplifting.


Current Guilty Pleasure: House, M.D. It has been “our” show this summer and we are now on season 7. Season 5 was a bit of a lull, but since then I am back to loving it and resisting the urge to completely binge watch episode after episode.


Current Drink: At the moment? Anything carbonated. I try to stick to soda water, but the diet soda craving is strong.

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Food: A new-to-me food this past month was kefir. I’ve been having it pretty regularly (almost everyday) and I’m loving all the probiotics it provides.

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Current Obsession: The heat. I never want summer to end. In fact, I get the blues a little bit when I think about cold air sweeping in.

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Current Wish: A big kitchen. I love our little house, but man do I wish we had some counter space! I am in the kitchen all the time, so having some room to spread out would be life changing.

Current Need: To get organized for the school year. It’s my last year as a grad student prior to the internship, so as much as I have this down pat, it is always slightly overwhelming.

Current Bane of My Existence: Time. I have been doing a crappy job managing it.

Current Indulgence: I have been dropping more than my usually amount of money on various dark chocolates. Oops.

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Current Procrastination: Updating my resume. This is a painfully dull task.

Current Confession: Not chewing gum makes it really tough to not snack out of boredom. This is probably the most difficult aspect of giving up gum.

Current Blessing: Terry getting some time off for us to get away.


Current Excitement: See current blessing 😀

Current Mood: At the moment? Just tired. It’s that time of a month where I tend to feel incredible drained.

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Current Link: One of my favorite recipe sources- Oh My Veggies

6 thoughts on “Currently: August 2015

  1. I have never watched House, I am not sure why. Ditto on the carbonated water- the grapefruit flavor is my favorite. I can’t do just plain.
    I gave up gum for a year and it was HARD. Then I stupidly bought a pack and re-addicted. 😕

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