When July became August

This weekend was a mix of work and laziness. After keeping our niece, Abbi, for the past week and helping out with VBS, I am officially exhausted. I had a great time on Friday hanging out with Abbi and Saturday-Sunday involved some work, but mostly relaxing. Here’s a liitle recap.

We started Friday morning with pancakes.

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We went for a walk in the park, which consisted of Abbi running half the way and me pulling here in the wagon the way back. Man, push or pulling a kid is no joke. You go, mamas!

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After getting hot and sweaty, we came home to be surprised by my husband, who was already getting lunch ready for us. He grilled burgers and squash skewers and I baked some “French fries”. Can I just say that baked/roasted Yukon potatoes may actually be my favorite thing to eat?

unnamed (1)

I love picnics and Terry surprised me by bringing a table over from the church so we could eat on the back porch.

I wrapped my burger in lettuce, since I am going strong on the low-FODMAP diet.

unnamed (2)

After lunch, Abbi wanted to go swimming. We went to the recreation center down the street for a dip. Yet, when we got there, all of a sudden she didn’t want to get in. She spent 30 minutes psyching herself out and toying with getting in. She did not seem to believe me that a life jacket would keep her afloat. When she finally did get in, she had a blast.

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We went for fro-yo after. I went for TCBY’s Silk coconut flavor. Pretty good!

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Then we enjoyed the last night of vacation bible school, which was basically a big celebration involving all things carnival.

unnamed (5)

Saturday morning my alarm rang at 4:40 am- time for work! Overnight oats and iced coffee to the rescue. Aren’t overnight oats the ugliest?

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Panera was very busy and it stayed chaotic until I got off at 2:15 pm. Thus, I was totally comfortable with lounging around all day, watching Netflix and hanging out with Terry.

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We had a delicious dinner of pizza and salad, enjoyed out on the porch because it was a gorgeous summer night. Pizza + salad.

unnamed (8)

Since starting the low-FODMAP I haven’t been able to have pizza like normal (can’t have gluten or most marinara sauces), which is no fun for me- a true lover of pizza. I used a homemade marinara and I tried out this gluten free pizza dough mix and it was just okay. It was very chewy and rather tough. The pizza itself was decent (because even bad pizza is good enough ;)), but it wasn’t really pizza, like I love it. Oh well. The beautiful weather and the company made up for where it lacked.

unnamed (9)

Dinner was followed by a light walk around the neighborhood and one too many House, M.D. episodes (i.e. 3 episodes, darn you Netflix!)

I started Sunday morning outside with breakfast. I was enjoying the quiet morning until someone starting mowing their lawn. (Grrrrr….)

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Sunday after church we hit up Jimmy Johns. I am loving Jimmy John’s unwich at the moment, it’s a great low-FODMAP option.

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Sunday afternoon involved meeting a friend for a long walk, evening church, and a crock pot dinner. And now, here we go into a brand new week! Make it a great one :).

15 thoughts on “When July became August

      1. Sometimes I add sliced banana, and they turn a little brown. The chia and banana don’t affect the taste though, luckily – even though the colour is a little odd, it’s still super nutritious and just as yummy 🙂 Go overnight oats!

  1. Now that’s definitely an awesome weekend! And I feel ya on the marinara sauce… It tends to do wonky things to my stomach as well, so I try to avoid it. White sauce on pizza has been a lifesaver!

    Hope your week is off to a great start, Kate!

  2. That looks like such a fun weekend (minus the 4:45 wake-up call!). You are such an awesome Aunt! She is one lucky little girl 😉
    I agree that gluten free pizza is NEVER as good as the original (I am avoiding gluten due to thyroid issues). But, yes, even bad pizza is STILL pizza!

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