Five Things Friday III

Happy Friday! I am just as glad to be here as you are. I have lots to share from this past week-
Five things I ate:
1. Blueberries with dark chocolate: currently my two favorite things.

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2. Carrot muffins: I am glad I wrote the recipe down for these, because they will definitely be made again (and again).
3. Banana bread: I used this vegan recipe and it could not have been simpler. Plus, I had a little cutie to help me make it.

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4. Spinach salad with blueberries, mozzarella, and deli turkey = satisfying packed lunch.

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5. The most delicious omelette ever: I will eat this every day.
unnamed (18)
Five workouts:
Sunday: Long walk through the neighborhood
Monday: Lower body exercises, like lunges, squats, and dead lifts
Tuesday: 10 minutes on the stair climber plus upper body exercises
Wednesday: stair climber intervals for  20 minutes plus 5 minute waking cool down
Friday: yoga plus pulling my niece in a wagon at the river walk
Five things making me happy
1. Time with this little chick. She’s as old as me and Terry’s relationship (born a month into us dating), so I feel fortunate to have been there for her all her life.
unnamed (14)
2. Summer night walks with my husband or just by myself. Summer night weather is my all time favorite weather.

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3. Being with my church family. Vacation bible school has been an awesome opportunity to reconnect with a lot of the people in my church I haven’t gotten to spend time with before.
4. Sleep. Can I get an amen?
5. Iced coffee. I have to be at work at 5 am tomorrow morning and this is the one thing making me excited (and maybe a Greek salad coming home with me???)

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Five links I liked

My Version of Healthy via Lord Still Loves Me: Love this girl’s perspective and narrative!
When Cancer Triggers (or Hides) an Eating Disorder via NY Times: This is heartbreaking, but I am glad this on the medical radar. I believe this emphasizes the importance of nutrition support in all chronic illnesses.
The Great Debate- Sugar vs Artificial Sweeteners via An Avocado a Day:  For the most part, I agree with this. I don’t think I want to totally ditch diet soda, but I can certainly cut down on it.
Cornmeal Almond Raspberry Bars via Dani California Cooks: What an awesome combo of flavors!
What Having Millions of Followers Taught Me About Christian Dialogue (by Candace Cameron Burke) via Christianity Today: Take a read.
 Happy weekend y’all. Relax, eat good food, kiss your family, and partake in some deep thinking.

8 thoughts on “Five Things Friday III

  1. Iced coffee is the only thing that gets me through most days, haha!
    I love your little side kick! She is such a cutie.
    I really like the sugar vs. artificial sweetener one. I don’t really drink diet soda anymore (unless it is a diet cherry limeade from Sonic!) but I do love my sugar free gum. I don’t think I will ever be able to give that up.
    Have a great weekend!

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