Five Things Friday II

And it’s Friday again! Another weekend is here and like always it comes with plenty reason to celebrate. I’m looking forward to getting cozy with a book and baking some goodies for Terry and I!

Here’s a little look back on my week in 5s-

Five Things I Ate:

1. Panera’s Greek salad with quinoa, olive oil/lemon juice, cucumbers, and spinach.
This was following a weekend of SO much meat and I was getting desperate for veggies- luckily my work break delivered!
unnamed (14)

2. Coconut flavored frozen yogurt with dark chocolate chunks and strawberries. I was dying for a frozen treat (ice cream/fro yo not allowed on low-FODMAP), so when I saw TCBY offered fro yo made with Silk almond milk, it was game on!
unnamed (15)
3. Dark chocolate with sea salt bar- perhaps the best chocolate bar ever?! I need to stock my house with 1000 of these. I think 72% cacao is my sweet spot.
unnamed (16)
4. An orange that was actually EASY to peel. I often skip over the oranges because they do so much damage to my fingernails (#dramaqueen), so I was ecstatic when this baby so easily undressed.
unnamed (17)

5. Various sparkling waters to quench my thirst. I love the bubbles!

Five Workouts:

Sunday: 25 min elliptical while watching America’s Next Top Model, because I just can’t let that show go.
Monday: 10 minute treadmill incline walk plus upper body. I added 5 lb to my bench press!
Tuesday: 4 mile walk with a friend in the simmering weather, because I ❤ the heat.
Wednesday: 1 mile walk plus lower body exercises. Side note: I’ve been somewhat scared to do squats, because I think I possibly hurt my neck doing them with the bar. Any advice?
Thursday: stair climber + upper body and ab exercises. I am a fan of the stair climber, because I can actually read on it! It’s my go-to machine when I feel like getting lost in a book.
Friday: I’ll be heading back to the gym today, because I left my lunchbox there yesterday. There’s a unanticipated form of motivation for ya 😉

Five Things I’m Happy About:

1. School? I don’t know… I have mixed feelings, because I love summer, but I am so excited to get further into my studies!
2. Slow mornings. Like this morning, when I have nowhere to be. Terry and I are going to try out a new-to-us Vietnamese restaurant for lunch, but other than possibly taking a dip at the pool, no real plans!
3. Writing. If blogging is useful for anything, I am glad it is bringing me back to writing, my first love. In many stages of life writing has been my saving grace, and right now it is doing so much for me being able to reflect on life and not just let it fly be me.
4. Cottage prayer meeting. Once a month my church gathers at one of the family’s houses and we share what’s on our hearts and prayers requests we have. Then we pray together, fiercely and unceasingly. I always leave feeling revived.
5. This selfie stick. It is way more fun than it should it be.
unnamed (13)

Five Links I Loved:

Almond Breeze almond milk only contains 2% almonds, claims false advertising lawsuit via Food Navigator
I still love the stuff and it’s my favorite “milk”, but maybe Almond Water would be a more fitting name?

On Food Guilt and Letting It Go via Jack’s Balancing Act

Portion Size Matters on the low-FODMAP Diet via Kate Scarlata
This was very hard news for me. But it also explains why eating half a bag of grapes is a terrible idea.

How We Became Too Busy for Friends via Christianity Today
Yea…. I know this all too well. “Sure, we will always have some friends who are more casual friends, or acquaintances. But we need deep, soul-level friends, too. Without these kinds of friends, there can even be spiritual consequences.”

Perfect Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies via Yeah… Immaeatthat
Because a cookie recipe is always a good thing to end on.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Any other remaining America’s Next Top Model watchers out there?
What’s making you happy?

5 thoughts on “Five Things Friday II

  1. Oh my gosh..ANTM is my favorite show ever! I’m actually watching season 14 right’s the perfect thing to put on when I have to work from home and want something in the background. I’m excited to find another fan out there 🙂 Have a terrific weekend!

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