Five Things Friday

Is it just me or do weeks seem to fly by when it is summertime? I look forward to going back to school and learning, but please can summer just slooooow down?

Here’s a little look into my past week in 5s…

Five Things I Ate

1. Kefir: Since yogurt is a no-no on the FODMAP diet, I went searching for something lactose free. This is the first time I’ve tried kefir and I have to say I love it. I miss the thickness of Greek yogurt, but the tartness and creaminess is just wonderful.

unnamed (13)
2. Pasta with salmon: I threw this dinner together last night and we loved it! Luckily I wrote down the ingredients, so I can share the recipe with you next week.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
3. Health Warrior Chia Bar: I ran into Earth Fare for a drink and saw these were on sale, so I figured I’d give it a try. (I thought it was low-FODMAP, but it does contain a bit agave, FYI). The flavor was great and I love that it had actual chocolate chips in it. However, I did not love the swelling chia seeds floating around in my mouth. Having an wire retainer on my bottom teeth makes it especially annoying!

unnamed (11)

4. LiveGfree sea salt crackers from Aldi: These babies are addictive! I’ve been enjoying them everyday with a bit of sharp cheddar cheese.

unnamed (15)
5. Baked potato with crock pot pulled chicken, cheddar cheese, and butter with lots of spices: I rubbed some Yukon potatoes with olive oil, salted them, cooked them for 45 minutes at 400°F. The skin was soooo good and crispy.

Five Workouts: 
Mon: lower body (squats, dead lifts, and other things I don’t know the name of).
Tuesday: ten minutes of stair climbing + upper body.
Wednesday: 2 mile run/walk through my neighborhood. I left the house before 10 am, so it wasn’t too hot. I forget how nice it is to run outdoors (relatively speaking, I don’t ever love running).
Thursday: lower body again, this time with less intensity because I was feeling more tired than usual.
Friday: I think I’m going to head to the gym for an upper body workout again. I’m trying hard to be consistent about doing both upper and lower body 2x/week. I want to see results!

Weekends are pretty much always rest days.

Five Things Making Me Happy 
1. Having the day off today! I love when I get lucky and have off from both my jobs. We plan on doing a whole lot of relaxing and hitting up a food truck event later tonight.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

2. Finding that the low-FODMAP diet isn’t so bad. I’m still not doing perfect, because it’s hard to remember all that’s on the yes/no list, but for my first week I am pleased. I know it will take time to see results, but nonetheless, I am glad it is not as restrictive as I feared.

3. I went out on a limb and bought  my own domain! I feel like I’ve found a good rhythm and I can stay consistent. I think making the purchase will also be motivation to keep it up.

4. I will be reunited with my best friends (who currently live in Tennessee) for a short bit next week!

unnamed (17)

5. Summer nights! What I call perfect weather.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Five Links I Loved:

1. The Case for Running in a Sports Bra via Better With Sprinkles

2. Family Feud Fails: The Worst Answers in Show History via YouTube

Terry and I watched this before going to bed one night and we couldn’t stop laughing!

3. 6 hacks to reduce your food waste and save via USA Today

4. The Rise of Women and the Manhood Crisis via Christianity Today- thoughts?

“The kingdom of God is not a kingdom in which the flourishing of some of its citizens comes at the expense of its other citizens.”

5. Harvard researchers tested 23 online ‘symptom checkers.’ via Washington Post

Maybe you don’t have a brain tumor…

Have you every gotten a wacky diagnosis from WebMD? 

What’s making you happy at the moment?

I’m linking up with Clare for Five Things Friday.

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