But why? From a service industry employee

I’ve worked in the service industry since I was sixteen. The hours are flexible, so it’s been convenient while school. I’ve worked at different types of restaurants- from family-style to fro yo to lunch cafe to Panera Bread, where I am at now.

For the most part, I like these jobs, because I really love people. I definitely want my job as a dietitian to be one where I can work in the public, talking to people, helping them, and making their life a lighter brighter. It just feels good to see a smile or hear a laugh.

However, sometimes these kinds of jobs can be a bit frustrating. There are moments where I just think “why?” Humans are a curious kind and if you have any interest in human behavior… you should work in a restaurant.

This may seem a little like a rant and I guess it sort of is… but I just got to ask these questions…

…Why can’t you just abide by the self busing rule? Everyone else is taking their plates/trash to the trash can, why can’t you?

…Why do you get mad at me when the restaurant runs out of something? I don’t handle the inventory. Why are you letting a lack of regular mayonnaise get to you so much?

…Why do you answer my “hi, how are you today?” with a “I’ll take a grilled chicken Caesar salad”?


…Why can’t you put paper towels in the trash can? Why do you let them fall on the ground beside it instead?

…Why don’t you laugh at my jokes? I’m trying over here.

…Why must you talk about how you are eating bad tonight or breaking your diet rules in front of your children?

…Why do you come up to the register while talking on the phone? Don’t you know there is a line behind you?

pp3….Why do you let your kids make a disaster? I cry when I see your table.

…Why do you always think you should get something for free? Just because we’re out of baguettes doesn’t mean you get a salad, soup, and sandwich on the house.

…Why do you ask for a water cup and proceed to fill it with green tea? Why as a grown adult do you not understand the concept of stealing?

…Why are you so bossy? Can’t you just trust I know my job?


…Why you gotta be so mean?

ppAnd the list goes on…

Of course, this is all in good fun. I’m really not a bitter employee, I think it helps to find the humor in it all. I try to remember that some days aren’t so good for some people and maybe me smiling at them as they make their order is just what they need.

Do you work in the service industry? Any particular customer behavior that completely befuddles you?

I’m linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday

6 thoughts on “But why? From a service industry employee

  1. Ha! So true! Spent three years in high school working at a quick serve restaurant and another three years working in a clothing store. Why do you leave the fitting room looking like you just trashed your closet?!

  2. I’ll never understand how people can be so inconsiderate just because they’re out and don’t have to worry about messing up their own house. Like… okay… but what about basic human decency? Just because you CAN be a jerk about it doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Kudos for being able to find the humour 🙂

  3. Everything about this post is my everyday. I also work in the food service industry and there are just some things only we understand. “Oh the lights are off…they must still let me use the bathroom.”

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