Recipes I’ve Tried Lately #2

I’m back to share a few of the recipes I’ve cooked lately. You’ll definitely want to check these out.

Zucchini Pasta with Bolognese Sauce via Delish Knowledge

I had some zucchinis I wanted to use up (they go bad so quickly!), but I didn’t have any ground turkey to make our typical spaghetti sauce. I had lentils on hand, so I simply searched “zoodles and lentils” and this recipe was one of the first to come up.

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One aspect of the recipe I really loved was that it directs to bake the zoodles rather than steam/saute them. The result was much firmer (slightly crispy) zoodles. This is great, because the biggest issue I have when making zoodles is they end up being to mushy or watery.

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I HIGHLY recommend the sauce- it is so flavorful and deliciously savory. The spices and onions and garlic- it was all a perfect marriage of flavors. Home run!

Paleo Coconut Flour Pancakes via Fit Foodie Finds

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I love finding fun, non-traditional pancake recipes and this was no exception. I topped them with blackberry preserves and sunbutter. I used original unsweetened almond milk and skipped the honey in favor of the preserves. I love how coconut flour is so filling! It really “sticks to the ribs”. One note- the second time I made these they did not turn out as a pretty. I think the heat may have been too high.

Single-Serving Blueberry Muffin via Chocolate Covered Katie

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Isn’t it cute? And it’s all for me! This was a tasty single serving recipe and perfect for a night where I wanted dessert, but didn’t feel like really “baking”. The texture is definitely not the typical baked good texture, it’s slightly chewy. It may not satisfy a craving for your grandma’s cooking, but it will certainly quench your need for something sweet.

Double Chocolate Greek Yogurt Muffins via Running With Spoons

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I love baking little snack-y things that are on the healthier side. These combine yogurt + cocoa + bananas.

muffThey were yummy, but I found they didn’t stay together too well. I used rolled oats rather than quick oats, so that probably played a big role in them being crumbly. I preferred them microwaved so the chocolate chips were melty. Plus, I adore oats in muffins and breads. They freeze well too, so if you’re like me and don’t eat 12 in a week, you can easily freeze them. 
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Healthy Deep Dish Cookie via Chocolate Covered Katie


This cookie was such a cool surprise! I mean, it’s made out of beans. However, it got rave reviews in the comment section, so I figured I’d give it a try. I used great northern beans, cut the brown sugar in half, and replaced two of the tablespoons of oil with more applesauce.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI served it to our friends who came over for dinner, and they were so surprised when I told them what is was made of! I think it could have been a tad sweeter, but when the chocolate chips were melted it was perfectly sweet. It was a bit grainy, but I think if I had a better food processor it would have been smoother. I will make it again, for sure.

Homemade Hamburger Helper via Whole New Mom

If you’re like me, you ate your fair share of hamburger helper growing up. I remember liking it, but now I’d rather bypass the box with all its weird ingredients in favor of a homemade version. The most attractive part to me is the whole “one-pot” aspect. Less dishes, less time spent over the kitchen sink, happier me! I served this to our friends as the main course (before the cookie cake) and we gobbled it up! I forgot to take a “real picture,” so below is just a picture of my plate halfway through dinner.

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I switched it up a little, as I used ground turkey, chicken broth, and colby jack cheese plus I added  shredded zucchini. The dish was creamy and warm- definite comfort food. Thanks to the lean ground turkey, whole grain noodles, and added veggies, it was pretty healthy too! You want to make this, it takes hardly any effort, but it is so satisfying!

So, what recipes have you loved lately? I loved to add some more to the “to make” list!

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