Nashville Love

Thanks to this past (past) weekend, I can cross the item to “visit Nashville” off my summer bucket list. It was a busy, event-filled weekend, due to two graduations, but it was immensely soul filling too. It is hard to live over 400 miles away from your three best friends, but it makes the visits that much more special.

Since it’s been a week since we left, I am going to quit procrastinating and just share some pictures with you. (I tried the narrative thing and it got weirdly too detailed and boring even for myself.)

The trip there is about 6-7 hours, so many snacks & drinks are required. Luckily my driver packed a few of these in her car. I love these babies-


Our first night there we enjoyed a show at The Basement after a dinner at Athens, a family style Greek restaurant. I got a feel for the ~Nashville vibes~ at the show. Singer-songwriter Erin Rae stole the show, check her outIMG_3596

Pre-graduation stroll through the neighborhood Friday morning. My clothes randomly coordinated with my shoes-IMG_3598

So proud of my BFF Rachel for getting her Masters! She’s got brains and beauty. She is now starting doula training, which is so perfect for her, because she’s pretty much a baby whisperer.




Celebratory Mexican lunch following a very hot graduation. I got the veggie enchiladas and the blue corn tortillas rocked my world!


Celebration continued through the night with a graduation party.


Terry came in late that night. We awoke to delicious green smoothies thanks to our awesome hostesses, the Broadways.



Another gradutation to attend! More childhood friends, Kyle & Anna.



While exploring Nashville we ran into a petting zoo. The little piggy was adorable!

IMG_3660 IMG_3665 IMG_3669

Rachel snapped this picture of us. (Laughing because Terry said he refused to do the “prom pose”.)


Another party… this time celebrating Anna & Kyle!



Saturday night involved an amazing dinner at The Palm, lots of laughs! (Forgive the very poor quality photos).



Sunday morning, Paige and I hit up the gym before heading to church. Terry and I love visiting other churches when we get the chance. We adore our church, of course, but it is always fun to see how other churches run and to worship in a new setting. After church we got lunch and strolled around town with the Broadways.

                               The Broadways ❤


One of Terry’s main objectives for the visit was to meet Olan Rogers, a YouTube sensation that recently opened up a soda parlor in Nashville. He didn’t get to meet him (bummer), but he still enjoyed the visit. The place was really neat with a great array of soda choices plus some board games. We played Monopoly for a good hour and I regret to say I ended up in jail a total of FOUR times. At least I didn’t squander my fortune?

The “master commander” aka root beer float


Our last venture out was to Wild Cow, a total vegetarian restaurant. I’ve read about the restaurant before and I was super excited to try it. The wait was super long (the place is pretty tiny), but the food did not disappoint. Terry even loved it! He got the vegan nachos (pictured) and I got the seitan french dip. I can’t wait to go back and try out some of the other insane menu items. Thanks to my friends for agreeing to wait it out for me :)!

There’s probably a million photos of us like this.


A complimentary vegan cupcake split 6 ways (!!)


All in all it was a really great trip. I suppose the positive of having your best friends live far away is at least they all live in the same town with plenty to do & see!

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