A day is 24 hours

This is probably one of the posts that only really interest myself, but I think it will be neat to look back on in the future.

6:00 am alarm goes off. Should I get out of bed? I lay there for a few minutes, then freak out- what if I fell back asleep?! I’ve done that once or twice before, so I always freak if I get close to doing it again.

6:07 am roll out of bed. I quietly go to make a pot of coffee and breakfast, hoping the dog does not wake up. Too late – she’s there to greet me.


6:15 am Eat some banana whipped oatmeal + two cups of coffee. Read over some notes for class.

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6:30 am shower, get ready, fix my lunch, and head out the door. First stop: nursing home for some volunteer work.

7:45 am realize I left earlier than I needed to, so give into the 99 cent large drink at Sonic. I try the diet green tea for the first time, which is just okay. Mostly I am excited over the giant cup of ice I now have to chew on.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

8:00 am meet with the dietitian for a couple of hours. She shows me the ins and outs of charting/completing a care plan. I soak up every bit of it.

10:00 am off to work! As long as I am not running behind, I really enjoy the ride to and from the nursing home. It’s down a long country highway. I use the time to listen to music and think. It is especially nice now that I can ride with the windows down.

10:30 am work for a few hours. I am very fortunate to have a job on campus, because I can work in between my classes. A little before I have to go to class I eat a quick lunch that I threw together: whole grain rotini, cabbage, peas, feta cheese, oil/vinegar, and an egg on top. A totally weird combination, an indicator that I desperately need to go grocery shopping. Thankfully, it actually turned out to be yummy and filling.


12:30 pm go to my food science class after briefly meeting with a professor regarding the Water Conference coming up in the fall. During class, I have a group presentation to do on hydrocolloids in the food industry. I landed a good group for this one, so it goes rather smoothly. AKA, only one person seemed to be dozing off. 😉

1:45 pm I have a short break in between class and work, so rather than rushing to work I decide to sit for a bit outside. The weather is so nice and I can’t turn down sunshine. I sit near someone playing the guitar and singing. Perfection.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

2:00 pm back to work! Afternoon working is tough if I don’t get enough sleep the evening before- it’s all about keeping my eyes open. During sleepy afternoons, caffeine and/or chocolate tend to show up.

4:00 pm drive to Walmart to pick up a few things, debate whether to scramble for dinner after class or stop by Panera to grab something to eat in class. Panera wins. With Terry being out of town, I figure I might as well take the easy way out and not worry about cooking. Plus an iced coffee sounds wonderful and an employee discount doesn’t hurt either. I drive home and let my crazy dog in and then head back to campus.


5:15 pm time for my clinical nutrition class, which is super interesting and engaging. Tonight we talked about medical nutrition therapy for lower GI problems- a topic of particular interest to me. The class last almost 3 hours, but it goes by so quickly that I don’t mind.

8:00 pm I have a surprising amount of energy and don’t have a husband at home to see, so I decide to fit a work out in at the gym. I’ve been meeting with a trainer each week, so I really want to continue the work and see some results. Weight lifting has become fun for me and now I want to do that more than cardio. I do a quick lower body work out and then head back home.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

9:00 pm Unpack, attend to the dog, fix a snack, and peruse the internet for a bit. I debate whether to start on some homework or not, but I am just a little too tired. After decompressing, I decide it is time a quick shower and then for bed.


10:15 pm I am in bed in record time! I guess not having Terry around makes staying up less fun. I do get to talk to him for a little on the phone, but he is super busy with his youth event.

10:30 pm go to sleep ecstatic that I will be getting almost 8 hours for once in a long time!

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