Dropping in

Today I whipped up some vegan Irish soda bread (this recipe). One for now and one for the freezer.

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

I am officially obsessed with baking/cooking- I love trying out new recipes. Plus, it is so much more entertaining than studying (much to my detriment). I think there is something incredibly therapeutic when making things. For me it’s food- for Terry it’s music, for others it’s poetry, and for others it’s a clean room.

Lately things have been rather non-stop. I don’t think I have ever wanted an “extra day” any more. I try really hard to not wish time away, but sometimes I can’t help but dream of the days where I will be in my career and not doing homework after school and work. Yet, still, I can appreciate my life for the season I’m currently in. I am learning, not only about the difference aspects of nutrition, but also about myself. I’m learning how I work and how I think and how I react. I’m learning to be self-aware, not in a way that reflects insecurity, but in a way that allows me to be more thoughtful and intentional. Maybe that’s just maturing.

Another thing Terry and I have been doing to relax is laugh our heads off at Parks and Rec. Mostly just I laugh out loud, but that’s just more my style. So many funnies. While it is difficult to choose, I think Ben is my favorite.

parks and recI should probably be in bed right now, as it is actually an hour later than the clock says. I really do not dig this spring forward. But I am so ready for spring!

Off to bed.

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