Valentine’s 2015

Valentine’s Day was especially sweet this year, because it was our sixth one spent together and our first as a married couple. We opted to celebrate on Friday, because it would be far less crowded and we could get a reservation before 10 pm.

Here’s a little recap of the day. I’m going a little foodie on ya.

I got off work on Friday afternoon and walked to my car to find a sweet surprise. Terry had taken my car and cleaned it (cleaning cars is one of his specialties) and filled it with rose petals. It took me back to my senior prom when he had done the same thing. I gushed.


More surprises.


For dinner, we decided to go to Maggiano’s. Terry took me there 2 years ago for Valentine’s Day and I was dying to go back. It is so good. Plus it is just the right amount of fancy without making me feel like I am totally out of place. They have a great 3-course meal deal, so that is what we went for.

They put delicious warm ciabatta on the table, plus olive oil for dipping. *fancy*



We both started with salads, the Italian for him and the Spinach Salad for me. My salad contained marinated bell peppers that really made it.


For our entrees, Terry chose the Taylor’s Street Baked Ziti. It was baked ziti plus a variety of meats. He says it was “good” and “really well-cooked”. He doesn’t discriminate too much.


I chose the Eggplant Parmesan. It was wonderful! I swapped the regular spaghetti (boring) for whole-wheat penne. I ❤ fun-shaped noodles. Honestly, the fresh parsley took it for “good” to “wow.”


By this point, we were both pretty stuffed. Still, we had to eat the dessert! A friend of mine recommended the crème brulee, which is something I never tried, but for some reason I felt like it must be great. The name sounds promising, right? However, while the presentation was awesome and it was super beautiful, turns out Terry and I just don’t like crème brulee. The flavor is right, but the texture is off. Terry compared the custard to warm ice cream, which I realized was pretty accurate- the ingredients used were the same I had just used to make ice cream in my nutrition lab.


Anyways, we didn’t let the dessert ruin the dinner for us. It was just too good. They also give you two take-home meals with the dinner deal, so Terry has got some lunches for him this week.

I finished the evening with some coffee, of course. All that sweetness need something to counter it.


It was truly great evening and I am so thankful for my husband. Even though Valentine’s Day is kind of cheesy and sometimes a little cheap, I love that it gives us an excuse to do something a little more fancy and romantic.

Here’s to many more.


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