2014: the year of big changes

It is now February 4, 2015 and I am still thinking over the year 2014. It was one of those years that I will distinctly remember.

January 2014 promised many things. Finally it was the year of my wedding and college graduation. I started my final semester as an undergraduate. I was working two jobs and extremely busy. Time was flying by, but I was so excited about what was ahead of me. I think around this time nerves began to sink in too. I remember we saw a terrible snow fall that kept me out of school and work for a week. Talk about cabin fever.
Something I tweeted a year ago:

February was probably the hardest month of the year. In January I chose to try life without taking antidepressants, something I had been taking since I was 15. Life just seemed so good, and I wanted to see if I could be okay without their assistance. By February I became someone I didn’t want to be. Angry, short-tempered, and unmotivated. I struggled focusing in school and found myself wanting to be left alone. My therapist and I decided life was better with the medication. I share this because most the time this kind of thing goes left not shared. I learned the depression really wasn’t circumstantial and that I would rather be on medication than be someone who didn’t feel like me.
In March, I was really enjoying my internship at a local health food store- which made me more excited about my choice to become a dietitian.
April brought showers- bridal showers that is. Wedding stuff abounded and I did all I could to stay afloat at school.
May was the BEST. MONTH. EVER. Wedding fun + honeymoon. Enough said.
June and July I relished in the newly wed life. Spending long days with Terry and figuring out my new life in Rock Hill. I didn’t work over the summer, something I hadn’t done in many years. I went to youth camp as a chaperone, visited my friends at the beach, and practiced being a mom to my niece when came to stay with us a couple of times. Also I discovered the goodness of Netflix. I watched a lot of Scrubs and Dawson’s Creek.
In August, I went back to school, but this time for a Masters Degree in Nutrition. It did not take long for me to figure out I made the right decision.
This is where I get real: September thru November was such a blur. Learning to balance school, work, and being a wife was pretty all consuming. Each day felt new- truly, to the point where it didn’t quite seem like a “routine” ever set in. I celebrated my 22nd birthday, trick-or-treated with my niece, ate lots of good food for Thanksgiving, and gained so much knowledge about the field of dietetics.
December was really special because my Mom was installed as the head pastor of the church I spent my formative years in. Christmastime was magical. I felt so incredibly blessed.

I just know 2015 is going to be transformative year for me personally.

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