Why I suck at this

For a long time I have wanted to start a blog. I love how it is basically a time capsule that I can come back to in 10 years.

However, I have found blogging to be rather difficult for me. Last semester, I blamed school and work for having no time to write or think creatively. Yet, you will see that I posted absolutely nothing over my Christmas break. Sure I worked a good bit, but I still had ample free time. So time or distractions must not be the reason I failed my own expectations as a blogger.

I think I suck at blogging for the same reason I sucked at keeping a journal as child and adolescent. It feels way too much like small talk… but with myself. Yammering about my life, i.e. “We had a great time taking Jules to the park. She loved it too!” Truthfully, I don’t really care much for small talk. It drives me insane that humans (me much included) can ask almost any other human “how are you doing?” and they will likely say “good.” What does “good” even mean? When I talk to people, I love to ask questions about their life- relationships, interests, and goals. Writing a blog (mostly about my life) doesn’t allow me to do much of that. I could skip the personal matters and choose to write about a specific topic, but I don’t really feel like much of an expert in any one area. So I guess even though I love to write, I am struggling with the content.

So until I feel a raging shock of inspiration or like a sudden expert in one area, my posts will be random and come as I am inspired. Was this what I wanted? Not really. But it is who I am.

On another note, we had a great three-day weekend. Terry and I has some much needed one-on-one time.

A trip to the Riverwalk with Jules where spotted (and counted) 32 other dogs! Luckily Jules played nice.


Thanks to a generous Christmas gift from one our students, Terry and I had a day date at Outback Steakhouse after a spontaneous trip to the flea market.


Also, at home my favorite snack as of late… roasted carrot fries!


Relaxing with my loves.


Terry did an awesome job filling for our pastor Sunday morning. Love hearing him preach.


Sunday night’s service had us holding marshmallows and talk about what God had done for us.

IMG_2177On the way home from Charlotte… a beautiful sunset.


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