1st semester as a graduate student- complete!

And it feels so good.

Christmas Tree in front of Winthrop University

This semester FLEW by. I can say with complete honesty it was a “good semester.” I made some friends, I love my graduate assistant position, and my teachers are cool and very knowledgeable. I learned so much and the neatest thing was I felt engaged and interested in almost every class! That is probably my favorite thing about  grad school- all the classes are subject to my interests. My favorite classes were “Nutrition Through the Life Span” and “Food Composition.” They both gave me a lot of good, basic knowledge that will set me up for further learning. After this semester I am even more in love with nutrition and the human body, more excited to help people be their best self, and more passionate about learning.

What I am not so passionate about any more? Studying. While I love learning new information, I am getting over my need to read my notes over and over. I used to spend hours upon hours studying, devoting entire weekends to being locked in my dorm room to study. I think this was a mixture of wanting desperately to be the best and having a reason to not be social. Now that I have let go of needing to be “the best” and I have learned the joy of having a social life spending hours hunched over my notes is way less appealing. Not to mention, I feel like after 4 years of college I know how much I need to study for things in order to do well. I keep thinking there will be enough time to get things done, even if I wait a little longer. (This is me over analyzing and the simply way of explaining it is “procrastination”). Luckily, I still have enough devotion to get done what needs to be done, though I could probably benefit from less time wasting. So I think next semester my goal will be better time management. Put aside time that needs to be devoted to studying and get it done.

Another big change for me is the obvious, I am married! Putting on the new hat as a wife while being a student presented some challenges. Coming home from school/work, my first choice was rarely cracking open homework. Yet, I did it anyways (most of the time), because I knew I would regret it if I didn’t. I would much rather lounge on the couch with Terry and talk to him about my day. Finding a balance between being a student and being a wife was important to me at the beginning of the semester and stayed important to me until now. However, there were some nights where after we ate dinner together and then we didn’t talk much until bedtime. And then there were other nights that I could not resist hanging out and watching television with him. Mostly, it depended on my/his work load. Him taking classes during the majority of my semester helped a lot too. When we both have homework it is easier to get done. I’d say though, despite any challenges, having him here to come home to made everything so much better. It was a welcomed distraction.

Simultaneous studying

So now that the 1st semester is officially over, I have 3 semesters left + an internship. I still have a long journey, but at least it is one I enjoy. I am SO happy it is the holiday seasons and I get to spend time with my family/friends, my husband, and my self! I look forward to reading (just checked out “Dark Places” by Gilligan Flynn”), writing, baking/trying new recipes, watching lots of Parenthood episodes and some movies (i.e. The Giver, Gone Girl, and Magic and the Moonlight), and getting plenty of sleep. I also will be starting a new job at Panera Bread, which I am excited about because I’ve missed working with the public.


Yay for Christmas break!

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