Getting caught up in life

Where have I been?!

My blogging ambitions were quickly shot down when I got into the nit & grit of school. Being a full-time graduate student + working 20 hours a week + learning the ropes of being a wife has been all-consuming. Of course, there is no complaining on this end. While I do VERY much so appreciate the beauty of the weekend, I am loving where I am at right now. Can I just say, God is so good? He has led me to this place in my life and it feels right.

[I want to share this song, which is not necessarily a “new song” has been coming on a lot lately while I am in the car. Every time I am brought to tears thinking about how truly overwhelming His grace is.]
Because I am passionate about documenting my life, I am going to do everything in my power to post more. Not because I think you’re hanging on the edge of your seat waiting from more wise words ;), but because I hate to think I might forget these life-giving experiences.

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