Weekend recap

It brings me joy to have friends and family in our little abode, especially when I get to cook for them! This past Friday night we had our friends Chris and Amber over for dinner. They are awesome and always willing to help out with the youth group.

Chris and Amber- they are the sweetest.
While I love cooking for people, I tend to feel anxious when it comes to deciding what to cook. For Terry and me, I tend to cook a lot of plant-based meals and use on-the-spot creativity with my ingredients. While some people may like this style, it certainly isn’t the norm. I threw out a few ideas with Terry, but the one thing he felt strongly about was meat (surprise).
So I ended up making baked chicken tenderloins with lots of different sauces, roasted veggies (red potatoes, sweet potatoes, and carrots), and rice.
Roasted veggies- my favorite!

Before they came, I realized I hadn’t thought about dessert! Luckily, I was able throw together a pudding with toppings from items in the pantry.
We had a lot of fun eating and hanging out.

Saturday included a Thirty-One party at our church (so excited about my new lunchbox), a visit from my parents, and trip to “Helloween” with our youth group.
Whenever my parents visit, I consider it an extra-special treat. We took them to Glencarin Gardens for a leisurely stroll before enjoying a delicious dinner at Sonny’s Barbeque.
The church that hosted and put on Helloween did an insanely good job. It was not a typical Judgement House- the acting was very believable and not cheesy at all. I think it served as a big wake up call for a lot of students. I left feeling motivated to spread the love of God. The urgency of accepting Jesus cannot be ignored.
Sunday I was grateful for a day to catch up on some homework.
Today I am feeling a bit Zombie-ish. My sweatpants are calling my name…

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