Laugh like you mean it

Marriage is fun. It is a great thing to live with your best friend who you are 100% comfortable with.

One of the things I love is how much we laugh.
I knew Terry was funny, but I never knew HOW funny he was until I moved in. I can be pretty goofy and weird (as my youth group is slowly discovering), but on a day-to-day bases I err towards being more serious. So coming home from school and work to hang with someone goofy is so relaxing. I am serious and Terry tends to be a worrier, but when we hang out and relax, we both can escape these states.
Laughing is really special, because it has the ability to lift spirits no matter how you feel. Even if for just a brief moment, it can make you feel *happy*. It is a therapy all by itself.  Like crying, laughing is universal. Everyone gets it.
Terry can make me laugh quite easily with his funny accents and his ridiculous impersonations.
And of course his goofy faces:
photo 2photo 1
I can’t make him laugh quite as easily, but he does a pretty good job cracking himself up ;).
All this is to say, be with someone who makes you laugh. Besides loving Jesus and being loyal, it may be the most important trait.

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