Finding a new routine

Four months into marriage, and it is still the best thing (Yet? Ever? Always?). One thing I absolutely adore about my husband is his goofiness. He knows how to really make me laugh (even if I am simultaneously annoyed). I think he could have his own YouTube channel. (Example.)

photo 1

So… I have been in graduate school for a month now and I think I can say we have almost-pretty much found a routine. I feel very lucky that my job and school schedules allow me to have all but one of my nights free.
I worked nights during my junior and senior years in undergrad at a fro-yo shop and I was tired almost all the time. Don’t let the fro-yo fool you- that job was hard work! It included standing and cleaning for 6 or so hours to be followed by 11:00 pm mopping. Though I do have mostly fond memories of that job, it was very energy consuming.

The fro-yo buisness
The fro-yo business

I have a lot more energy nowadays because my schedule gives me the freedom to go to bed early. Yet, still there is the MEGA temptation to just relax all evening with Terry rather than do school work. I am just now getting out of the summer habit of watching multiple episodes on Netflix a day. Right now, I am focusing on balancing study time with Terry time. Obviously, if I didn’t have any will power, we all know what my choice would be.

In other news:

Terry gave Jules a much needed bath. Aren’t they cute?

photo 4She has gotten much better about not freaking out about the water. This is good news- we like our dog to smell nice.

I also have been making these very easy and yummy frittatas on busy days.
photo 5All I do is saute some veggies (this time spinach, onions, and broccoli) in a pan, pour four whisked eggs over the veggies, sprinkle with mozzarella cheese, top with oregano and garlic, and then let it cook on medium with the lid on. Served with some delicious roasted potatoes (my favorite).

Last week in my food composition lab, we tested heat transfer of several different types of pans. How did we test this you ask? By baking sugar cookies, of course.

photo 2

Turns out, if you like your cookies more brown on the bottom, use darker pans. If you like your cookies more dough-y, use a lighter metal like aluminum.

That’s it for today!


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