10 Things I Love About My Wife

Obviously, this isn’t Kate, this is her husband Terry. She left her laptop at home, so I was able to hack into her blog and post this in celebration for her 22nd birthday!

I love my wife more than I thought I could ever love another human being. I love her more than I love a dozen chocolate chip cookies, a good lengthy laugh at some hilarious video (or my own bad jokes), and more than my own being. (Yes, Kate, I do love you more than Jules, too.)

For six years, I’ve had the awesome privilege of seeing Kate grow into an amazing woman that I’m ridiculously proud to know, and proud to call my wife. So, here goes.


1. She’s loving. In fact, she’s one of the most loving people I’ve ever met. In college, she gave up so much of her time so that she could focus on serving and volunteering. She’s even taking her open Saturday this weekend and going to a local food bank to serve. Her heart is after Christ. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

2. She can cook. I knew Kate could cook before we got married, but I didn’t really know she could cook as good as she can. She loves to cook, and I love to eat! Her recipes are some of the strangest I’ve heard, outside of those times in Cupcake Wars where they have to use stuff like fish eggs, or fish guts, or whatever those crazy people like to eat. In fact, the first night we were home after our honeymoon was over, she took a few canned goods and turned them into a really good dinner. How? I guess she’s just Wonder Woman straight out of the comics.

3. She’s flexible. No, I’m not talking about being able to flip her elbow and turn it around or some weird stuff like that. Since I’m a youth pastor, there’s always something going on, something coming up, and something in the works. It can get pretty hectic especially during the school year. But has Kate ever complained? Not once. She’s always willing to go with the flow and be there to support me no matter what.

4. My 19th birthday. In the first year that we were dating, Kate threw me a “surprise” birthday party for my 19th birthday. I kinda already knew something was up, but I just didn’t know what was going to happen. She invited my closest friends – from work, school, and life. She even got me a cookie cake! Although I wasn’t the one to break the pinata, (still bitter about that), it was so awesome and it meant a lot to me that she would go through all that for me.

5. She loves me back. Does this need explaining?

6. She is my biggest supporter. There’s been a few nights in our short marriage when I’ve come home from church and felt totally defeated. All I want to do is hit the power button, take out the game cartridge, blow on it, and restart, (Ode to Nintendo). Kate is never argumentative, she’s never combative, she’s nothing but a bunch of love right when I need it the most. It truly takes a special woman to be a pastor’s wife, and I’m so thankful that God sent me my special woman.

7. Did I mention how much she loves our dog, Jules? She won’t say it, and if she ever does say it, she hesitates. Don’t be fooled! This woman who never had pets growing up loves our dog. Jules is SUPER HYPER. I mean, I can’t stress enough how crazy she gets sometimes. Even with her hyper attitude at times, Kate still loves her. This probably wouldn’t mean much to other people, but it means so much to me. Jules was kinda like a step-child to Kate, since I got Jules against Kate’s wishes (sorry babe). But Jules isn’t the step-child, she’s the family dog. Thanks sweetie, for loving our dog.

8. She’s a dedicated warrior. When we got engaged she told me we absolutely 100% had to wait for her to graduate from college before we got married. Well, her degree from USC is dated 15 days before our marriage license. She’s been sponsoring a child named Christiner through Compassion International for the last few years. From 9th grade all the way through college, she never once got a grade below an A, and she’s ridiculously humble about it! She’s so dedicated to minimizing her student loan debt that she saved most of her paychecks throughout college so that she could pay for her books, and whatever she had left wouldn’t go towards new clothes or anything like that. The remaining would be saved for more books, or put towards her tuition. During the summer, most nights she would read a book before bed. Now, you’ll find a textbook in her hands just before falling asleep. As much as I loathe schoolwork, she loves it, and excels in it because she’s determined to be the best that she can be.

9. She’s a total bombshell. She’s hot (even when she’s super cold). I will be the first to admit that when I was younger, I was totally superficial, even though I was never vocal about it. Regardless of that stupid attitude, God STILL blessed me with a hottie for a wife. Just go back and look. She’s hot. End of story. Now let me take off my superficial hat for a minute. Yes, she’s hot. But beautiful is the word that fits her the most. She’s got the hot looks, but beauty is from the inside out. She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met, seen, or even heard about. Her personality is amazing and she has a heart for Jesus. Did I mention how loving she was?

10. Last but not least, she’s my best friend. It is a growing truth day after day that the more we’re around each other, the more I love her. Its only natural that husband and wife are the best of friends, and its pretty sad when they’re not. Monday through Sunday, there’s no one else I’d rather be with. She’s the love of my life. The coolest thing about Kate and I is that we didn’t write our love story, God did.

So, there you have it. My top 10 list for my wife. Truly there aren’t enough words to say about my Katie. Marrying her was a dream come true. But being her husband is living the dream.

Happy birthday, Kat. I love you.


8 thoughts on “10 Things I Love About My Wife

  1. Ok, I’m sobbing like a baby. What momma doesn’t want live like that for her baby girl? I used to be skeptical about Terry (maybe I recognized a little of that superficiality) because I didn’t think ANYONE could live my child enough. Boy, was I wrong. I live you both and couldn’t be prouder of either of you–separately or together!

  2. Could this be any sweeter? I’ve been reading your blog for a while but only happened upon this post now. This is just beautiful and the kind of relationship I wish everybody was blessed to experience in life. Only the best to you and Terry on your path!

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