Lack of creativity

I am trying to find the brain power to put together fun blog posts, because I love the feeling of putting up a well thought out post. I want this for my future self to look back at too.

School does this weird thing to me, sucking out my brain power and making me somewhat useless to other tasks. Another reason I am very glad I decided against medical school, seeing as having my brain stolen for 8+ years would be tragic.

However, I did come across a fun little survey off of another blogger’s page, so I figured this would be a decent way to stay up-to-date on the blog. Plus, I don’t have too much of an “about me”, so perhaps this can fill in some blanks.

  1. I am happiest when… I am outdoors in nature and the weather is perfect.
  2. Especially when… I am with people I love. Hiking trails with Terry, at the beach with best friends, or running around with little ones.
  3. I’ve always wanted to visit… My top 3: Greece, the Redwood Forest, and New England! However, I really just want to return to Africa, particularly Ethiopia. My time there was so simple and I felt so at peace.
  4. My family and I… are fun! My family is hilarious and super supportive. I feel so incredibly lucky to be apart of my clan.
  5. I was a terrible… little league baseball/basketball player. I was always one of the only girls on the team, so I rarely got the ball and was treated differently by the coaches. I did ballet on third base in baseball and gave bear hugs as a defense tactic in basketball.
  6. My first job was… at a preschool/gymnastics center. I thought I would love the job- I loved my time there as a gymnast. However, the job was basically chasing two year-old kids around. It was cute at first, but then it just became exhausting. Let us just say it was learning experience.
  7. I could probably eat… my weight in watermelon. Which is pretty much my mission each summer!
    Enjoying some juicy summer watermelon with my BFF, Rachel.
  8. I stole… a chocolate bar from the gas station in eighth grade with the help of a friend. It was rather foolish and now embarrassing to think back on.
  9. I was born the same day as… Will Smith. Barbara Walters. Also, Catherine Zeta Jones AND her husband Michael Douglass- how weird is that?
  10. My all-time favorite film is… that’s tough, but I guess I will have to go with my first instinct: Little Women. (Runner-up: A Knight’s Tale)
  11. I do a pretty mean… pigeon pose. My body loves that pose, so my legs fall naturally into place!
  12. I am still mad that… I will never probably get to hug a baby bear. article-2757990-2165EDB000000578-903_964x642I seriously just want to cuddle with this cutie!
  13. I met my husband… on Impact Tour (traveling worship group made up of Nazarene youth.) I will forever be in awe by the way God led us to each other.
    1936869_114886364677_3093850_nHere we are with some friends who were also on the Impact Team- clueless of our future.
  14. I always knew… God was real. Even when I disagreed with him or was angry with him or did not feel His spirit, I never doubted his realness.
  15. I’m not afraid to… talk to strangers. Not even a little bit. I’d say I am better at talking to strangers than acquaintances.
  16. I make the best… chocolate chip cookies (says Terry). But I say roasted potatoes and homemade tortillas. Truthfully, I have not quite found my specialty. I bake the cookies a lot because they are so easy and Terry adores them. I love to cook, but I also love to try new things, so no “best” item quite yet.
    photo 2 (1)
  17. I have almost no patience for… group projects in college. Like, WHY? I get that it is supposed to be relatable to real life job stuff, but they never fail to be dreadful!
    hangover group projects
  18. I am an American but I could care less about… winning. Weird, but I am just not very competitive (except maybe with myself.) This applies especially in sports. I want to cheer for both teams!
  19. I spent… way way way too much of my life living in my head, rather than truly living. I try to remind myself of this, because I do not want to waste any more time.
  20. I wish my folks… lived closer? I know it is less than two hours away, but I would still love to see them more! The older I get, the more I love them and want be around them.
    photo 1 (1)
  21. At 5, I was deeply in love with… the Spice Girls and Rugrats. Both still hold a special place in my heart.
    I remember wanting their clothes so bad. Especially that bumble bee looking outfit Posh is wearing!
  22. I believe if everyone were… less greedy …the world would be a better place. It would be lovely if we could all embrace simplicity and stop wanting more (things).
  23. I can’t stand… the kind of opinionated person who won’t let you get a word in. Please stop me if I am ever that person.
  24. Whenever a… song I love comes on, I either sing or dance. I usually get the words wrong and/or embarrass Terry.


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