House Wife Favorites

There are some things that make being the woman of the house a little easier. These things that I love about our house keep things moving smoothly (more or less 😉 ). Here are just a few of my favorites:

The silicone spatula: I LOVE my silicone spatula. It is so versatile- great for mixing, scrapping the sides of things, mashing beans for bean burgers, and scrambling eggs. I want like 6 of them, even though the one I have can do everything I want it to.

photo 1
The magnetic grocery list: This notepad (thanks mom!) is pretty handy! I put the list on the refrigerator and as soon as a grocery item runs out, I write it down. This way the item won’t slip my mind and require me to make more than one grocery trip. Also, if I see a recipe online that I like, I write the needed ingredients down so I will actually make the recipe, not just admire it. (The cauliflower on the list is for this recipe.)

photo 2

The no-napkin rule: This is not really a rule, but more of a habit we have developed. Terry and I don’t use paper napkins, instead we use re-washable cloths. Not only is it better for the environment, but it also saves us money. If you’ve been around Terry during a meal time, you would know that he is a serial napkin user. Put a stack of paper napkins in front of him and he will use almost all of them in one sitting.

The hand vacuum: We have hardwood floors, so for the most part a normal sized vacuum cleaner is unnecessary. Hand vacuums, however, are super convenient. It can take the place of a dust pan which never seems to get the entire swept up pile anyways. It’s also good for dog hair which inevitable ends up on our couch (NOT my favorite).

Dry erase calendar: Being a youth pastor, Terry has a lot of random events on different days of the week. This calendar keeps us organized so we don’t overlap planning. We use the bottom “notes” section of the calendar to right events in future months. Doctor’s appointments, birthdays, bills to pay, and other events go up here and we breathe easy. I am thinking about using it for meal planning too.

photo 3

There you have it! Just a few of my favorites. Hopefully, I will find more cool stuff and tricks to share with you soon.


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