Day Trippin’ (Three Cheers for Five Years)

Terry and I are seasoned day trippers.

It began a month into dating when we wanted to go to Charleston, SC together. Only having a day to play, we left early one Saturday morning and stayed late. After squeezing as much exploring into the day as possible, we were exhausted at our return.

 1914921_138844044677_3448938_n charl

First day trip together (September 2009)

After Charleston, we went to Savannah, GA, and from there we made it our mission to visit all 47 South Carolina State Parks. From our first day trip to Charleston, to this past weekend’s trip, we have made many there-and-back treks.

This past weekend we went to Kings Mountain National Military Park in Blacksburg, SC. We were originally planning to go camping as a way to celebrate 5 YEARS since we became exclusive, but when that did not work out, we opted for a day trip. Luckily for us, the park was only a little over 30 miles away. We have traveled MANY more miles than that for a day trip.

We packed the car Friday morning and made our way there.


We jammed to 90’s Alternative Pandora station.


I made myself comfortable. I believe I am a professional passenger (even in my own car).

We made it there in about 45 minutes. Awesome! We explored a little before digging into the picnic I packed for us.


When I saw the Visitor’s Center I remembered a field trip I took here in the eighth grade. That was such a fun trip!

Due to a lack of visible picnic tables, we made use of my spacious car.


Isn’t our picnic basket the cutest? The basket plus picnic ware was a wedding gift from my friend Paige. She knows me all too well!


It was a little tight but we made it work. I made tuna salad (two different styles) plus fruit cups and chips…100_3732

And I made crackers from scratch! They turned out pretty good and with minimal ingredients. Here is the recipe.100_3734 And of course, raw veggies and homemade hummus.

After filling our bellies, we decided to skip the historical stuff (for another day, of course 😉 ), and head straight onto the hiking trail.

Kings Mountain National Military Park has a few hiking trails that can be done in one day. We decided on taking the trip to Browns Mountain about 3.2 miles away, so a 6.4 mile round trip. I was super confident that we could easily do it, but Terry was a little hesitant. Not surprisingly, Terry found it easier than expected and I found it too be more challenging that I anticipated. He seemed to think he would be “huffing and puffing the whole time” and I thought it might be too easy. We balance each other out with our thinking usually!

The trail was so beautiful. I wanted to see some wild life, but other than a few birds, the animals were hiding out!









When we got to the place pictured above, we thought we had made it to the top. But nope, we still had another uphill mile to go!







After spending some time on top of the mountain, we headed on back.




A beautiful pearled mushroom. One of the only mushrooms to NOT be beheaded by Terry’s walking stick. 100_3811

Which by the way, left a mark on him.

It was such a great day trip. In fact, we are planning our next visit already. We want to explore the other trails too. Who knows, maybe one day we will be ready for 16 mile hike available there!

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