Curiousity never killed the Kate

This is a post from my old Tumblr. I wanted to put it in my new space.

One of my most beloved things to do during the summertime is to take evening strolls. Particularly in my hometown neighborhood. When walking, I get considerable thinking done and often I am reminded of all the memories attached to this neighborhood, both wonderful and frightening.

One favorite memory is of me going to visit random neighbors. Just being bored during long summer days and needing to talk a little to someone. I was probably a fourth or fifth grader. I loved to just go knock on people’s doors, introduce myself and ask them about simply things- their name, their family, their dogs, their job, you get the picture. I guess my true self is just a people-loving person. I do know, however, if I tried this door-to-door method now, my fiancé might call the police in order to stop me. I’ve just never been afraid of strangers.

Well, tonight I went on an evening stroll and I saw two girls riding their bikes behind their moms, who were walking. Both girls looked to be about six and had long, flowy hair. I think if I was a young girl I’d want that kind of hair, but now that kind of hair would be a hassle and I would likely keep it tied up, much like I do know. Looking at them, happily riding along, I thought of myself. I was quite the adventurous little gal as a young one. I could spend entire days outside digging in the mud, climbing trees. Now, I like cheese too much, I like to relax with a book too much, I’m not wearing the right bra too often, and I think about my to-do list almost constantly. I’d rather look up facts through Google than try to determine how immense of a mud pie I can create. Picking wild onions in my backyard just doesn’t hold my attention for that long. It’s like my body and my mind weigh me down too much to be able to jump over holes in the yard and perform theatrical songs for my parents.

I am not saying that my change in interests and attitude is a bad thing. Obviously, it is quite a natural thing, to grow up and all. Now, it would be a little strange if I asked my parents to sit down while I put on a dance for them. I believe what marks my childhood the most was my raging curiosity. I think I want to hang on to that curiosity. That same curiosity that made me knock on the green house of the inter-racial couple with the most interesting bear-dog I’d ever seen.

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