The hours before…

On the morning of my wedding, I woke myself up at 5:30 am. Before all the bustle began, I wanted to take some time for myself. (Future brides, do it!)

I put on my tennis shoes and went for a walk in my neighborhood. I listened to some worship music to get my mind focused on the One who led me to that time and place. As I was walking, I began to feel so overwhelmed with God’s love and grace. My neighborhood’s streets were the same streets that I walked throughout my childhood and adolescence. Those streets witnessed me at every stage of life since 7 years old. Now they were witnessing me for the last time as a permanent denizen.
I’m so glad I woke up early to spend time with God.

I drove myself to the campgrounds at 7:30 am. The wedding was to begin at 11 am. My bridesmaids began to arrive and we gathered together in the camp’s cafeteria.

The mother of Madelynn (one of my bridesmaids) wanted to provide us with breakfast before the wedding. She went far above my expectations- this was no juice and bagels.

She made frozen yogurt, bacon, granola crumble bars, biscotti-like treats, frozen coffee and juice, and quiche (my favorite).






I definitely did not have my regular appetite for breakfast, I was somewhat on edge- I nervously stuffed blueberries into my mouth.

My sister did my hair and make-up. I was a bit worried she would go over the top with the make-up, but she did great on both.


A baby’s breath halo was something I really wanted to wear. I think flowers in hair are so pretty and angelic. Thanks to Leigh, she found the perfect one.



The halo took some work, but with help from Rachel we got it right. (Think an endless amount of bobby pins).

We talked about wedding-related things and unrelated things. Anna played a little Beyoncé and we danced a little. I went from being super ecstatic to being super nervous. Both led to frequent outbursts of quick screams.








The waiting was difficult, the whole time I felt a little sick to my stomach. Not because I was feeling bad, but because I was nervous to walk in front of so many staring eyes. I feared that I would burst out in tears and not be able to get through my vows. In my mind I knew that I just needed to see Terry’s face. Once I saw him, all would be well.

Paige prayed for us shortly before the wedding began and we all hugged. I felt so much support from the girls. But that is no surprise, each one of my bridesmaids have showed me undying support throughout our friendship.


IMG_7264(Back row: Rachel, Madelynn, Leigh, Paige, Anna. Front row: Jessica, Me.)

As you can see, we all came out looking good. I’m so glad I decided to let them pick their own dresses. I was nervous about it initially, but, man, it turned out perfectly!

Thanks to my girls for keeping me calm and keeping things fun.

All pictures courtesy of our wonderful photographer, Emery Ford. 

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