Freshly married

         I gave my hand for the rest of my life to a man on May 24th, 2014.
We met when I was 16 (and he was 18.) We were engaged when I was 19 and married by 21.

I was given the man to be husband sooner than I ever anticipated.
Life is interesting in that manner. I plan and plan and plan, but only the insignificant plans play out as I imagined. Those little to-do lists of clean this, email her, reorganize my closet, bake banana bread- those typically come through. But the idea of waiting until 28 to get married? Going to medical school? Living in California with my best friend? Sometimes my plans, while grand and attractive at one point of my life, seem wrong and “un-me” once I get to the point of decision.
Besides, why should my 12- or 15-year old self make plans for my 20-year old self? It is unlikely we will even like the same things or have the same longings.
Not that long-term goals aren’t desirable, but perhaps they should be considered less of a destination and more of an inspiration.
I’ve realized I cannot be heart broken because I’ve lost interest in living somewhere far away from my family. Instead, I will consider that temporary desire to reside on the west coast as an inspiration to pursue my desire to LIVE and be adventurous. Whatever I consider “living” to be at one point, can translate differently years later- but as long as I am growing and pursing life in my God, I can handle road signs and yearnings leading me in a different direction.
So even though I never imagined myself married at such a young age,why would I deny that I have met the man I want to spend my life with? I think I would rather live each day responding to the blessings the Lord has presented me with.
I am now a youth pastor’s wife. A recent college graduate nervously preparing to enter graduate school. A bright eyed, bushy-tailed young woman with a heart to serve the Lord and live.

photos by Tara Dolinger

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